Certrax - Sabah TLAS Certificate of Compliance Management and Tracking System

Certrax is the Sabah TLAS certification management and tracking system. This system enables licensees and buyers to track their company status and performance in complying the Sabah TLAS, all in real time.

Sabah TLAS Compliance Certificate (TLAS-CC) is awarded to the licensees that successfully complied with the criteria and indicator of the Sabah Timber Legality Assurance System Standard. The audit was conducted by a third party auditor appointed by Sabah Forestry Department (SFD). There are two types of TLAS-CC issued by SFD covering of two different areas of auditing, that is; upstream activities indicated by Principles 1 (P1) to Principle 4 (P4) while the downstream and export activities are indicated by Principles 5 (P5) and Principle 6 (P6). For ease of reference, an identification code number is assigned to each certificate; "SLS" code is referring to P1 to P4 and "SCS" for P5 & P6 respectively.

The TLAS-CC issued by SFD can be used by the licensee as a credible document in dealing with potential buyer in order to facilitate due-diligence process.

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